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Where to Get Creative and Unique Pictures of Tattoos

Since many people have a hard time deciding what tattoo they want to get, they tend to look at pictures of tattoos. For this, they will either go online or read through some books which can give them an idea of the tattoo style they want to get inked with. And because the number of people that have tattoos nowadays is not going any lower, more and more books are being produced for the sole reason of providing tattoo design inspirations.

Picking out the tattoo design you want can be a big challenge. While there are some people who already have a clear idea of what they would want, there are others who do not know and even have any idea of what it is they would like. But they know one sure thing: they want a tattoo. For this reason, many people take a look at tattoo pictures which they can find on the internet, books, and even some magazines. Also, they can look at the tattoos of some people they see and remember what they look like so that they could have them done on their own body as well.

Once people have found the tattoo they like, they normally schedule an initial consultation with the tattoo artist so that they can determine if their dream tattoo is possible. When they are going to the artist, they normally take along a picture with them or some sketches they have made. In order to get the best opinion, it is advised to visit several tattoo parlours. When choosing which tattoo artist to get, the decision must not always depend on who is the cheapest. This is because the cheapest tattoo artists might lack a good quality from their work. At least by selecting a more expensive artist, you can be guaranteed the quality and design of your tattoo is worth it.

The same principle is true when you are choosing a tattoo. If you want a high quality design, you have to make a good choice. Otherwise, you will end up getting a tattoo that you don't like that much. You will need to make a lot of research in order to do this. But you should avoid the free forums and websites since they can make designs look too generic. It will be very hard to find a design that is truly unique. For this reason, pictures of tattoos can be seen from several tattoo subscription websites.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unique Turtle Tattoos

If you have ever seen some of the turtle tattoos out there, you probably know what I mean when I say imagination is the only limit to design. I must admit I was never especially interested in tattoos of any animal but when I saw a woman with a tribal turtle I began to change my mind. Turns out that turtle tattoos are one of the most requested designs. I know that while looking through the database of designs I use, I came across a few award winning turtle tattoos and I was sold.

Everyone has their own preference, style and taste; mine happens to be that of black ink only and small tattoos as opposed to big pieces. That's just my taste however, and it certainly doesn't have to be yours. There is a design about nine inches long and it's a trail of turtles on their way to somewhere or another; they even have turtle tracks in the design. I saw this on a woman's thigh and it looked great. Another man I saw had psychedelic turtle tattoos and they were abstract in design while vibrant in color. My concern over color is that it fades, as all ink does and this is why I lean towards solid black ink (which looks gray or blue as it fades).

For unique turtle tattoos simply start browsing award winning designs to start (I use chopper-tattoos). Once you find a few you love, turtle or not, start brainstorming ways to combine what you've found. If you have a great tattoo artist you can easily take your designs and show them what aspects of each you like and request they draw a unique design for you. Don't be shy or hesitant if this is your first inking - artists love to create unique pieces.

Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Tattoos For Your Wrist and Ankle

The wrist and ankle are attractive and fitting body parts to get bracelet tattoo designs. A lot of different styles and variations can be seen in this type of tat theme. Bracelet designs around the ankle seem to be preferred by women more than men while body art around the wrist are favored by both men and women.

Bracelet tattoo designs can be drawn from a lot of inspirations. Flowers and nature are some examples- floral and leafy vines, for instance naturally wind around things and can make you look classy and nature lover. You can also go with a colorful charm bracelet tat making it a permanent accessory on your ankle or wrist. If you are trying to be tough, you can always go with the stark black barbed wire tattoo. If you are the religious type, rosary beads can always show your spirituality and would definitely look great as bracelet tattoo designs either on your wrist or ankle. Of course, classic designs like tribal and Celtic can always add a lot of character and edge to this type of theme for your ink. No matter what ideas you come up with, just make sure that they can be tattooed in a way that can accentuate the statement that you are trying to express.

Should you decide to get the bracelet tattoo designs around your ankle or wrist, just remember that the level of pain in these areas are on a higher scale. These are sensitive areas with a lot of nerve endings and lesser fats to cushion the skin during the tattooing process. Just make sure that aside from being certain with the designs you want, you should also be ready for the pain that comes with tattooing. But as what most tat enthusiasts say, the pain is something you can't bear, it will eventually go away and will be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zodiac Tattoo Designs - How to Pick the Best Zodiac Tattoo Design For You

Zodiac tattoo designs combine elegance and symbolism. They are a unique way to express your personality and your inner self to the world. However, there are a number of factors you should consider before choosing the best zodiac tattoo design for you.

1 A simple zodiac tattoo vs tattoo with more elements. A lot of people go for the symbol that represents their zodiac sign. Simplicity always brings some sense of elegance. However, adding additional elements to the original symbol will make the tattoo more unique and original.

2 Combine the zodiac tattoo with different elements. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is characterized by its own element (earth, air, water, fire), flower and color. It is also represented by the image of an animal( Aries-the Ram, Taurus -the Bull, Cancer -the Crab, Leo -the Lion, Capricorn-the Goat etc) or human (Virgo- the Virgin, Gemini -the Twins,Sagittarius-the Archer). Libra is an exception traditionally depicted by the image of scales. The variety of elements associated with each zodiac sign leaves the symbols open to numerous artistic interpretations. Thus you can combine your zodiac symbol with your element or your flower. Plenty of creative opportunities here.

3 Combine your Western zodiac sign with symbols from other zodiacs. For example, if you are a Pisces born in the year of the tiger, you can combine the image of the two animals in an elegant and impressive tattoo design. You can do further research on Vedic and Chinese zodiac symbols that can enrich your tattoo design.

Zodiac tattoo designs give endless opportunities for creative interpretation. However, invest a good amount of time in finding the design that really works for you. When it comes to tattoos, quick decisions equal lifelong regrets.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting a Great Arabic Tattoo

Unlike many other lettering tattoo trends, Arabic tattoos are not very common in the US. However, worldwide they are quite popular and not only with Arabic speaking people.

So what are the Arabic tattoo trends?

Since this trend is growing in popularity, here are a couple of things you should know:
1. Most people choose to get one word to tattoo in Arabic.
2. One of the most popular places for such a tattoo is the wrist
3. Many people tattoo names of loved ones in Arabic
4. Another common one word tattoo trend is that of empowering words, like serenity

So what should you know in order to guarantee your new tattoo is a great one?

You must make sure that your tattoo artist knows how to correctly place your tattoo stencil. Most will not know so you will need to get the directions from someone who can read Arabic.

Don't get your translation and design from someone just because he claims to know Arabic. Today, many people are trying to be nice and help others. Whenever someone asks for a translation, these people go to Google translate or pull up a dictionary, and provide you with incorrect translations. That is all well and good if you just want to convey an idea to an Arabic speaking individual, he or she will probably understand the meaning. But that doesn't mean it can be tattooed.

Make sure you use a professional translator. Remember, an Arabic tattoo is not simply different letters. It is a whole world that has a different culture and a different set of grammar rules.

Another thing that can help the end result is choosing a font and style that speaks to you. There are fancy fonts and simple ones, you can get your tattoo letters shaped as a star of a flower. The choices are limitless, all you need to do is get the right professional and let your imagination run wild.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before Getting a Tattoo, Consider These Cool and Trendy Tattoo Alternatives

The Permanency and Process of a Traditional Tattoo Can Be Scary

I don't like needles but I love the idea of getting body art or skin decoration. I'm also not too thrilled about the permanency of a 'needle' tattoo I might hate down the road. Have you priced tattoo removal processes lately? The cost of tattoo removal is at least 3 times as much as getting the tattoo! After doing some research, I discovered some fantastic alternatives for body art and I'm going to give those a shot (no pun intended) way before I jump into the nearest tattoo parlor.

Tattoo Alternative #1: The Natural Beauty of Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos have been making a comeback and I can certainly understand why. The dried and pulverized Henna Plant Lawsonia Inermis is made into a paste and applied to skin treated first with mehlabiya oil. The paste is then applied to the skin using a stencil design.

Henna tattoo stencils come in an incredible variety of designs and can be reused. In fact, once the paste dries after an hour or two, the paste can be reapplied 2-3 more times to intensify the color to a deep brown or nearly black. If the paste is used just for a single time, is dried and removed, the color continues to deepen to a rusty-orange or reddish tone. It reminds me of self-tanning lotion in that respect.

The application of Henna tattoos does not require licensing and is considered safe for all skin types (outside of those who have an allergic reaction to Henna). Henna tattoos can last up to 4 weeks with care not to scrub the area and protect the tattoo with Vaseline in chlorinated water.

Kits range in price but the average cost for a henna kit, which includes the paste, stencil(s) and other needed supplies is under $20. In fact, one bottle of Henna dye can create about 25 mid-size tattoos.

Tattoo Alternative #2: Body Piercings

Yes, we're pretty much aware of umpteen holes in earlobes and ear cartilage, nose, tongue, lips, eyebrow, and belly button rings. However, the days of face piercings have gone by the wayside as more employers have increased bans on wearing this 'distracting and unprofessional' body art to work. The great thing about piercings, though, is that the jewelry can be removed (or changed) on demand. My only issue with body piercings is the healing time which varies considerably, depending on the area being pierced:

  • Ear lobe 6 to 8 weeks
  • Ear cartilage 4 months to 1 year
  • Eyebrow 6 to 8 weeks
  • Nostril 2 to 4 months
  • Nasal septum 6 to 8 months
  • Nasal bridge 8 to 10 weeks
  • Tongue 4 weeks
  • Lip 2 to 3 months
  • Nipple 3 to 6 months
  • Navel 4 months to 1 year
  • Female genitalia 4 to 10 weeks
  • Male genitalia 4 weeks to 6 months

I do worry about infection with body piercings - but not quite as much as with a traditional tattoo that might be hard to reach (as on the back of a shoulder) to keep clean and bandaged.

Tattoo Alternative #3: Temporary Tattoos

Now, temporary tattoos just might be the ticket and best choice of all as a traditional tattoo alternative. Temporary tattoos are made on special paper and coated with special silicon. Once wet and placed on an area of the body for a minute or so, the colored "tattoo" design 'slides off' and is transferred to the skin.

Similar to Henna tattoos, temporary tattoos can last up to about 4 weeks if taken care of: no scrubbing, scratchy clothing, or rubbing against them. Also, like Henna tattoos, temporary tattoos are safe (children get them in bubble-gum machines all the time) and have become as sophisticated as traditional tattoos - without needles and permanency.

What gets truly fun about temporary tattoos is that you can design your own - online - for little more than a ready-made temporary tattoo design.

Tattoo Alternatives Wrap-Up

So, celebrate an occasion, speak your mind, dare to be different! Try out some of these alternative tattoo ideas and have fun adorning your body in a new way. Invite your friends for a "Happy Henna Day" or design and order some custom tattoos for the bridesmaids in a wedding. Think outside the box.

"Alternative tattoos" are trendy, different, and can be taken off or out if you don't want to live with them for the rest of your life.

Tattoo Stencil Paper

When you are a tattoo artist, nothing is as important as getting the designs your customers want right. Permanent mistakes can ruin you as a credible artist. The tool most often used by professional tattoo artist to make sure the designs are right is tattoo stencil paper. Read on to learn how it works and where you can get it.

Tattoo stencil paper is a very useful tool for the tattoo artist. Its purpose is to transfer designs temporarily onto skin in order to use as a guide for the tattoo. There are a couple of different kinds of tattoo stencil paper, but most work in the same way. The design is either printed or drawn onto the stencil paper using a special transferable pencil or ink. The paper is then pressed onto the skin to transfer the image. The image can then be traced in order to ensure a perfect tattoo.

Why should you use tattoo stencil paper? Perhaps you think you don’t really need stencil paper. But mistakes are possible, even with very experienced tattoo artists. Perhaps the design wasn’t effectively communicated by the customer. If you use tattoo stencil paper, the customer has a chance to view the design before anything permanent is done. This also allows the customer to be sure they like the design and where it is going to be located.

Now that you know about tattoo stencil paper and why it is such a valuable tool, where can you purchase it? Tattoo stencil paper is usually available at any tattoo supply store, whether online or retail. There are different kinds of tattoo stencil paper available as well as tattoo stencil pencils and ink. Consider trying a few different kinds in order to see what styles you prefer.

Helpful Tips For Finding Your Perfect Tattoo Design

Once you have decided that you want a tattoo and have found the artist that you are going to use then the next stage is to decide on the particular tattoo design that you want. This is where the hard work really starts but it can also be a lot of fun looking at all of the possibilities. Of course, the type of artwork that you select for your tattoo is very much a personal choice but there are some that are more common than others. For example, a rose or butterfly tattoo pattern is always popular with women. These sexy adornments are often discretely placed on the back of the shoulder, top of the thigh, close to the navel or other area of the body that is not normally exposed. Men may prefer a larger Celtic tattoo design that may be a cross tattoo or a more complex Celtic band that wraps around the upper arm. The choice of designs is endless and finding the right tattoo design may seem a daunting task but there are a number of sources of inspiration available to help you.

The Internet is a good place to start your search as it is full of websites relating to body art. There are a number of sources of free tattoo design samples available. These can vary greatly in terms of size and complexity. Some of the tattoo design examples will be shown after the work has been performed for a client, while others may just be the tattoo design itself. You will also find a large number of sites that have a tattoo gallery with pictures that are copyrighted and you will need to purchase a copy before you can use it. Obviously, the cost will depend on the size and complexity of the design but it is also affected by the popularity of the actual artist. A tattoo design from a star tattoo artist who has celebrity clients will obviously cost more than one from a lesser known one. People often want to have the same body art as their favorite movie star, singer, sports star or other celebrity and this demand is reflected in the cost.

Your chosen tattoo parlor is also a good source of inspiration for designs. After all, this is where you are going to have your artwork done. You will see hundreds of designs on display in the window and on the walls. It is worth bearing in mind that these may not be the work of the tattoo artist who runs the tattoo shop and may actually be examples of another artist's work. A tattoo design that has been printed onto a piece of paper or card is known as a tattoo flash. These were originally unique hand drawn designs created by the artist himself and used to promote his work to potential customers. Also, many artists will also have a portfolio of their designs with photographs of them after they have been completed for a customer. Nowadays the Internet has led to many tattoo artists creating multiple copies of their designs and selling them to other professionals and customers. This means that the shop's artist may not be able to recreate the tattoo design exactly but can use it as the basis for your own unique piece of artwork.

"Teh Hijau Kurangi Risiko Kanker Paru " (Fade Back

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Sore pukul 4:17 penulis menycoba berusaha untuk menyelesaikan laporan biokimia tentang Darah, tiba-tiba nyasar ke sebuah artikel dari  yang menurut penulis bagus banget untuk di FADE BACK ke blog penulis, sekalian jadi arsip juga untuk share kepada para pembaca sekalian yang belum mampir ke artikelnya sebagai berikut :

"Teh Hijau" (Terbukti Mengandung Antioksidan)

Sering dengar teh hijau baik untuk kesehatan? Tahukah Anda bahwa menurut para ilmuwan Taiwan, meminum segelas teh hijau atau lebih dalam sehari bisa melawan efek buruk rokok yang bisa menyebabkan kanker paru, terutama pada perokok yang tak memiliki gen bawaan kanker.

I-Hsin Lin, seorang murid pascasarjana di Chung Shan Medical University di Taiwan menyatakan bahwa antioksidan yang ada di dalam teh hijau bisa menghambat pertumbuhan tumor. Studi penelitian ini dipresentasikan di American Association of Cancer Research pada pertemuan International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Coronado, California, Januari 2010 ini.

Lin menemukan adanya efek proteksi terutama pada grup perokok yang mempunyai genotipe spesifik tidak terkait dengan resiko kanker. Bersama timnya, dia mengevaluasi 170 orang pasien dengan kanker paru dan 340 pasien yang sehat. Mereka diminta untuk menjabarkan kebiasaan merokok mereka, kebiasaan meminum teh hijau mereka dan faktor gaya hidup lainnya selama lima tahun belakangan ini.

Para peneliti ini melakukan pemisahan genotyping pada para partisipan untuk melihat apakah ada di antara mereka yang mempunyai genotype bawaan yang terkait dengan risiko kanker. Ini termasuk IGF1, IGF2, dan IGFBP3.

Secara umum, para perokok dan non perokok yang tidak meminum teh hijau memiliki resiko kanker paru lima kali lebih besar dibandingkan dengan yang minum setidaknya satu gelas sehari, papar Lin.

Para peminum teh hijau yang tidak memiliki gen bawaan risiko kanker mempunyai penurunan resiko kanker paru sebanyak 66 persen dibandingkan dengan para peminum teh hijau yang memiliki gen bawaan rentan kanker.

Lin sendiri menyatakan, cara terbaik agar tidak terkena sel kanker adalah stop merokok, sedangkan teh hijau hanya mengurangi risiko tersebut.

Artikelnya cukup simpel tapi informatif, mungkin itu saja yang dapat penulis share dalam posting minggu ini, semoga bermanfaat untuk pembaca sekalian, Tanks

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A Close Look at Tattoo Machines

Before tattoo machines existed, tattoos were done by hand. Naturally tattoo machines have a speed the human hand can not compete with. The famous inventor Thomas Edison invented a electric engraver approximately around the time of the new century and the machines, were modeled after that with continuing improvements and evolutions. Tattoo machines are an up to date and modern way to apply tattoos. Professional Tattoo equipment and machines greatly aid the artist in applying tattoo ink to the skin, such equipment can be found on any good Tattoo Supply website.

All machines come in different sizes, machines can also be referred to as tattoo guns but generally speaking it is those lacking tattooing experience that refer to them as guns. The machines drive the pigment into the skin by the application of electromagnetic coils, that moves the needle up and down. The evolution of tattooing as a more complicated and precise art form is due to the way the needles, pressure, speed and level of depth can be controlled.

As the endeavor to reach "perfection" in tattooing goes on, the tattoo machine will continue to evolve, and has made great leaps over the decades. There has been much evolution of the modern machine but the basic function of the tattoo machine remains, to put ink on a person. Modern day tattoo machines can now create a great variety of designs according to a persons wishes. Modern day machines don't use just one needle as was the case in the past but a variety of needles to achieve such intricate and variation of design.

Home made tattoo kits should be avoided like the plague, the health risks associated with home made kits are extremely high. Some people think tattoo machines run on a similar principle as a sewing machine, hollowed out needles, and rotating needles going up and down but this is not the case. It is highly recommended to buy a kit from a reputable dealer and avoid amateur and hence dangerous home made kits.

Tattoo Machines Are a Safe Way to Apply Tattoos

Tattoo guns are the machines that are used to create and apply tattoos. These guns are also referred to as tattoo machines. They have been used for years to create stylish and beautiful pieces of body art. Today, tattoo machines are used in shops and parlors around the world.

The tattoo gun was invented in the 1870s. It was invented by the famous inventor Thomas Edison. But it was not intended to be used as a tattoo machine. Edison intended the machine to be used as an engraving machine. However, in the 1890s another inventor found that Edison's gun could be used as a machine to introduce ink into a person's skin for tattooing. Thus, the first tattoo gun was created.

Since its creation in the late 1800s, tattoo guns have gone through a process of modernization. Guns today now use electromagnets. Electromagnets allow the tattoo artist to control the tattoo process. The artist can control the depth of the tattoo needle, the speed of the needle and the force of the tattooing process. They are an effective and precise way to create and apply a tattoo of any size.

Tattoo machines or guns are made in different sizes. Some machines are meant to apply one color and other machines can be used to apply multiple colors. Regardless of the size and use of a tattoo gun the right care and maintenance is important. Guns that are maintained and cared for properly will produce high quality and beautiful tattoos.

Some people choose to make a tattoo gun at home. A homemade gun can actually be made rather easily. However, unless a tattoo machine is made properly it can be very dangerous. Both tattoo and medical professionals do not recommend the use of a homemade tattoo gun.

Tattoo machines are the modern way to apply tattoos. Before the invention of tattoo machines tattoos were applied by hand. Hand applied tattoos often looked sloppy. The designs were not as accurate as they could have been. Plus, the tattooing process was usually not very safe. Some people who received a tattoo ended up with skin problems or other infections.

Once the tattoo machine was invented incidents of problems related to tattoos decreased tremendously. Tattoo guns created a sterile application process for tattoos, at least when they were used properly. Even today tattooing is not one hundred percent safe. Artists need to be trained in appropriate sterilization and use of tattoo supplies. Appropriate training will always ensure a safe and healthy tattoo application process.

Tattoo machines can be sold separately and they are often sold in tattoo kits. Guns that are sold in tattoo kits are a great choice for small tattoo shops or beginning artists that are learning the trade and art of tattooing. Tattoo kits often include other items besides guns. These items include inks and other items that an artist needs to successfully operate a tattoo gun and complete the tattooing process.

Apa Obat Stress sebenarnya..???

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Banyak sekali tutorial tentang bagaimana cara yang paling dan super ampuh untuk menyembuhkan Penyakit yang sering terjadi pada kita umat manusia yang mempunyai akal pikiran yang sehat, yaitu penyakit stress. Stress adalah gejala alami yang terjadi pada sebagian besar manusia yang mempunyai akal sehat. stress adalah gejala menyimpang akibat faktor external yang tidak kita inginkan, artinya keadaan Psikis menyimpang dari keinginan hati kita.
Menurut dokter Rifal Evendy, sampai saat ini tutorial abaut mengatasi stress yang banyak sekali tertulis di website yang ada di jagad maya adalah merupakan opini saja. maksudnya seperti apa ? artinya hanya pendapat dari penulisnya saja, sedangkan apabila seseorang mencoba mempraktikan apa yang disampaikan dari opini tersebut terkadang tidak sembuh total dari stress yang sedang diderita,,,mengapa..???? ismak tulisan saya berikut.

Setiap manusia mempunyai cara sendiri untuk menyeimbangkan keadaan hatinya. teori maslow tentang segitiga kebutuhan manusia memang terbukti terpakai di kehidupan sehari-hari kita, dalam teorinya mengatakan bahwa "Manusia akan selalu berusaha untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Jiwanya, apabila manusia belum dapat memenuhi kebutuhannya maka ia akan berusaha untuk selalu memenuhi kebutuhannya",begitu juga dengan keadaan STRESS yang sering terjadi pada diri kita masing-masing. untuk mengobatinya kita berpatokan pada teori maslow tersebut, yaitu manusia selalu menyeimbangkan keadaan hatinya, kita tahu bahwa setiap manusia mempunyai cara sendiri untuk hal ini, sehingga apabila kita stress yang sebenarnya terjadi adalah "Kita berusaha untuk menyeimbangkan keadaan hati kita".
Jika anda dapat sembuh dari stress anda dengan mendengarkan musik,, maka putarlah lagu yang dapat membuat anda Happy dan terhindar dari stress yang sedang anda alami,, jika anda lebih memilih untuk berkumpul dengan keluarga anda atau orang-orang yang anda cintai maka temuilah mereka  dan curahkan semua isi dan kesedihan anda kepada mereka.
Itu semua dalah cara anda untuk menyembuhkan stress anda, semua tergantung pada keinginan anda, itulah cara anda sendiri dalam menyeimbangkan keinginan hati anda untuk menyembuhkan stress yang anda alami, itu sedikit sharing dari saya bagaimana mengobati stress yang mungkin di lain waktu atau saat ini anda sedangan mengalaminya. tanks ..salam hangat.

Salam Hangat Dari Alief Chandra Saputra

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Tattoo Design Pics - Why You Should Check Out Tattoo Design Pictures Online Before You Get Inked

Tattoo design pics offer a fantastic way to preview what your tattoo design will look like before you take the plunge and get inked. When you are getting ready to get your first tattoo, you may think that you can just walk into a tattoo parlor, sit down, and have the artist start inking you. But, there is so much work to be done before you ever get to that point. You really need to take your time to make sure that the decision you are making is a sound one that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. If you are looking into getting a tattoo, then you should be looking at tattoo design pics before you ever walk into the tattoo parlor.

Tattoo design pics are one of the best ways to really get to see the variety of tattoos that are out there. What you see on the arms and chests of your favorite stars or athletes is only a small piece of what is out there, waiting for you to choose from. When you start looking online for designs of tattoos, you will soon see that you could have a lot of trouble deciding on a style.

When you are looking at tattoo design pics, one of the first things to look at is the location of the tattoo. If you are a guy who wants a tattoo on his chest, you should keep in mind (especially if you are young), that at some time you may have a lot of hair covering that tattoo. Will you want to shave it all your life, just so people can see it? Or, do you want to intentionally place it somewhere that will be covered up?

If you are a woman, you should keep in mind that, especially when putting a tattoo on your breasts that at some point your skin and your shape will not look as good as it does when you are young. What will that tattoo look like after you have had a child, for instance? By looking at tattoo design pics, especially those that are on younger people, keep in mind that your body will change over time - and so will the shape and look of your tattoo.

Looking at tattoo design pics online for tattoo designs, styles, placement and color, is a great way to find out what you want in a tattoo. It also helps you to confirm that what you have in mind really does look good on someone else, and to use as a tool to bring to the tattoo artist.