Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All About Butterfly Tattoos Design

In this modern era that a tattoo is not a taboo especially west of the country. Tattoo art in the form of customs in the world, especially in the U.S. and European countries. Trendy and decorative tattoo designs are the choice of each next. In addition, the choice is no less. Tattoos are available in several sizes and designs, so you do not need to worry about how to decorate your body. Some of the most stylish contemporary tattoos are butterfly tattoo designs, dragon tattoo design, tribal tattoo design, cross tattoo design, henna tattoo design, tattoo design and religion, long list!

Butterflies have essentially no idea of the style statement together for many years. Good clothes, accessories, goods, or jewelry, this beautiful creature has been successfully formed a creative idea. The beauty of color butterfly sported on you that will make you look hot. Butterflies tattoo designs are very colorful and have a nice mix of colors.

Tattoos with butterfly pictures will leave you confused for the election. Some of the coolest butterfly tattoo designs are tribal butterfly tattoos, fairy butterfly tattoos, lower back butterfly tattoos, animal butterfly tattoos and Celtic butterfly tattoos. Tribal butterfly tattoos are generally influenced by ancestral art of local and native tribes. Art comes from the tribe or clan of tribes from Ireland and Scotland and even some tribes of Borneo. Butterflies since many ages have been associated with the Fairies. Butterfly wings are considered fairy wings and vice versa. A butterfly really represents a multi-colored picture of Mother Nature itself. Therefore, these fairy butterfly tattoo designs are more popular especially with women and men modern.

Butterfly tattoo design that has held a special place in the female heart. Between the desired design, the butterfly tattoo design is one of the favorites. Butterfly tattoos come in many aspects of design and color formats, from two colors to the fine. Typically, the arm is tattooed on the scapula, or any still or not. Will increase if you're feeling energetic tattooing a butterfly tattoo design on the neck or legs. But you must pay the price to take the pain from the needles for it's coolness.

They are the subject of creative expression and a mixture of colors is very unique and expressive. Butterfly tattoo design is about taking a butterfly in the kingdom of fashion and combining with a form of art. The butterfly tattoos not only interest the lady world, but in between the selected design from the artists too. Permanent or temporary stay, and even body painting; tattoo designers who like to play with colors that make butterfly wings.

Some butterfly tattoos live only a few days and can not be cleaned by paint remover, some of them just need soap and water to evaporate. Body painted butterfly tattoo designs are not very lasting and thus give a better opportunity.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Temporary Tattoos in Vogue

Wearing a tattoo is not taboo, many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos today there are many ways for both tattooing permanent & temporary. While the tattoos look like real tattooing. Temporary Tattoo designs to try before choosing a real nice tattoo, for fun, for a campaign or for fancy dress party.

While tattoos have become very popular in a short time as an affordable, less pain & above all they can be removed at any time & that part of your body is ready to return sizzling hot new Tattoo!

While conventional tattoos, first made popular as inserts in bubble gums usual, the poor quality of the transfer, often resulted in vague and design can be easily washed or rubbed body.Modern of temporary transfer tattoos body made quality & non-toxic ink and glue, and the last much longer than conventional temporary tattoos. In this process, body tattoo applied to the skin surface and remains until such time as the image fades themselves (usually after 3-5 days) or use alcohol or deleted like most remover.While temporary body tattoos made a commercial for the campaign, or ad as new items (giveaways), the setup process has been tailored to the art of lithography as well.

Temporary transfer tattoos body usually consists of five main elements: the front of the sheet of paper, the back of the sheet of paper, inks, glue and protective plastic sheet on the tattoo. The front of the sheet is covered with a special layer on the tattoo pictures printed with a special non-toxic inks. A layer of special non-toxic glue and then applied on top of the image. A thin, transparent plastic sheet placed on the front sheet to protect the image and glue layer. The back of the sheet and is usually submitted without a list of materials and / or instructions for use printed on the backside.Water Transfer (temporary) tattoos are usually applied by removing the plastic sheet, placing the image face down against the skin and wetting the backing by putting water (directly or indirectly ) with careful.Backing which can then be removed carefully, leaving the image in place. Do you want to have a tattoo?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Proper Tattoo Aftercare

Many people decorate her body with tattoos, before you decorate the body with a tattoo make sure you choose a good tattoo model. Tattoo aftercare is as important as choosing the right tattoo design and placement. A beautiful tattoo can be a complete mess if you do not properly follow the instructions given by the tattoo artists in the aftercare process. You are under the special care with your tattoo artist, but the responsibility as soon as you step from the tattoo shop. It is your duty and you are entirely dependent on how careful you are your new symbol inked on the body that increase the attractiveness of your looks.

It is important to follow the instructions you have given tattoo artist and in case if you did not receive a package of treatment, then immediately follow up your call on the correct treatment is your tattoo. Make sure that no instructions given by the tattoo artist should be replaced in any way. For example, people often feel uncomfortable with the bandages tied around the body which has been inked to prevent air born bacteria from infecting the fresh wound. People tend to clear the set before that should not be done. They must leave the area untouched for at least two hours.

In addition, extra care of the place will be taken after the removal of the bandage. Use luke-warm water, mild liquid antimicrobial soap and to wash away any ointment, plasma, or dried blood from a new tattoo. Be careful not rub that area with any abrasive. Meanwhile, wash the area using a hand towel or soft. The same should be done during drying in the region. Pat but did not make the mistake of rubbing the area with clean dry towel or paper towel. So you need to apply a thin layer of D & D ointment, Bacitracin ointment, or H2Ocean. Avoid the use Neosporin because it can cause excess cure and dry out. This causes more cracks and loss of pigment. As it should aftercare practices for 2-3 times each day and should continue for 5-7 days until the skin smooth. You can then be applied to un-scented lotions such as Lubriderm a specified time after treatment.

Other activities such as showering and bathing, swimming pool, lake, or swimming and hot tubs, scabbing and get in the Sunday strip also require some type of vigilance. When taking a shower to avoid soaking your tattoo for 2-4 weeks. Avoiding contact with chemicals present in the swimming pool, hot tub and the environment for at least 4-6 weeks after you get a tattoo is very important. Even swimming in lakes and ponds should be avoided because it can get infected through the water without.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Lower Back Tattoos of Butterflies Makes a Woman Gorgeous

In this era of globalization many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos are decorative printing inks on the skin pierced with a different color and design on the skin. Tattoos are done mainly on the skin for decorative purposes. Men and women get tattoos in different parts of the body and they feel very powerful, brave and cool to have tattoos on their bodies. Lower back tattoos feminine and more women to get them back tattooed area for a lower more stylish, interesting and hot. Lower back tattoos of butterflies is very general design chosen by women.

Lower back tattoos on women is very interesting, and most women prefer to get tattooed on the back of their lower with the reason they can flaunt their narrow waist and attract people's attention by wearing a short top. Butterfly tattoos are very beautiful woman and that will go perfectly with the back of the lower.

Line in the bottom of the spine back area can be used to show the butterfly body and wings can be tattooed on both sides of the spine. A butterfly tattoo's design will create the perfect area in the lower back. There are a lot of creativity in the wings as a butterfly tattoo can be designed and colored in various ways to create a unique tattoo.

The tattoos imprinted on the lower back area a more feminine, and most women consider tattoos to be very stylish. The main advantage of the tattoos is that they can be protected if you do not want to show it off, only with the clothes that actually covered or clothes that cover the area again.

There are also painless tattoo with anesthesia and pain killers. If you really want to have a tattoo then will anesthesia can help you recover from illness if you do not use to. Really though, not all that bad once you start. There are many designs that you can choose, when you go to get a tattoo done they will provide you with a variety of designs and catalog, and you can select one of the design.

Butterfly design that is very feminine and will really make women look hot exposing their tattoos. People who have tattoos on their bodies for various reasons can be for fashion or show them to violence or to show how much loved ones with their initials tattooed on the skin.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Secret of Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos Design

Who does not know what a lower back tattoo design like this? Myspace is a crowd that truly mad for the last tribe of art or logo in this area. Tattoo designs in this very intimate location always draw attention. Most women get lower back tattoos and find them online first. Honest low back tattoo beautiful if applied correctly.

Are the Hottest Tattoo Designs Lower Back?

It's easy to find gorgeous lower back tattoo design on the Web. Simply type in "lower back tattoo designs" into google or your favorite search engine. Here is another trick, Google search for images. The same type of lower back tattoo to a Google search and click "Images". Instant list of tattoo design pictures will appear in your browser. Tribal tattoos, or other well liked lower back designs include celtic, butterfly, flower, and dragon tattoos. Feel free to create your own tattoo design with a hybrid combining the two types are also mentioned.

Lower Back Tattoo placement is part of the Fun

You can share a low back tattoo by another person with a low-cut jeans or midriff top recline. This tattoo is very meaningful that the location will be viewed by other people. It's only narrow-hearted to think about sexual motivation for the tattoo. Lower back tattoo is symbolic and meaningful to the owner.

Usually placed on the kidney or just above the buttocks crease lower back tattoo design accents female form. You can be saved at this time hidden tattoos in the workplace and showed out last night and you can go anywhere. Anyone can see works of art for tattoos really blessed.

How to Save Time Preparing Your Lower Back Tattoo Design

When you get a lower back to prepare to put a tattoo on the stomach at least 1 hour. Some say that it is best to get the ink stretched out while sitting in the back seat though. This is also necessary that you prepare a clean hairless surface for the tattoo artist to work with. Do not forget to dress appropriately to make room for the tattoo artists work in the lower back. After that the waist slacks for a few days for your new tattoo to heal properly and not disturb the art.

Please note that almost a quarter of people who get tattoos regret their decision after inked. Take your time and think about what to do. Find some pictures of what you want before you go back to the tattoo shop. Can cost up to ten times what you paid for a tattoo to be removed later.

Celebrity Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoos and celebrities go hand in hand it seems. Avril Lavigne has a tattoo once temporarily placed at the top of her butt area for an MTV music awards ceremony performance. Adult film star Jill Kelly has a nice tribal piece on her lower back. Singer and actress Mariah Carey has recently seen sporting a butterfly on her lower back. Actress Charisma Carpenter has tribal design on the Sunday he was again low. Lisa Sparxxx, adult film stars, has a lot of lower back tattoo of fire and stars around him.

The Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoos are an art which decorate the body. art, tattoo models various forms. Lower back tattoo design is a popular form of tattoo designs. Lower back tattoo design just so damn hot and sexy on women. There is nothing more heat from the interest rate or tattoo design tattoo designs peeping round a girl's most popular bikini.The lower back tattoo is the interest rate or tattoo design tattoo designs. All tattoos should have a personal meaning, but the best things about lower back tattoos is that they can have a special meaning and also look so dangerously sexy!

Why Lower Back Tattoos are so Hot? To make this easier, lower back tattoos are sexy, hot and classy. Lower back tattoos especially look hot on a woman's body, and the beautiful curves of female body all seem to gather back.Lower lower back tattoo designs have the ability to accentuate the form of a female body and create many desired hour glass effect. Various styles can be adopted for lower back tattoos - Tribal, Star, Butterfly, Celtic, Dolphin and many celebrities more.Many have lower back tattoos today. Sarah Michelle Gellar has a gorgeous pair of purple dragonfly tattoos on her lower back. Pamela Anderson has started showing off her tribal tattoo design on her lower back. Anna Kournikova has a large star tattoo design on her lower back. Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts have also joined the lower back tattoo does not need to revolution.You rich and famous to get more attention, just compliment your natural beauty with a hot tattoo!

Basically, women more style-conscious in choosing their tattoos than guys. They spent much time thinking for the right tattoo to put on their body, and on the part of the body where they have to wear this. Conversely, guys decide and choose the tattoo on the spur of this time and is only performed on their bodies.

Tattoo artists that compare to the guys and girls, women are better and easier to tattoo. This is because women can handle the pain and handle pain better than guys. I think even though they can be strong and control the pain, when the needle hits their skin, most guys pass out.

Recently, women have been opting for large tattoos with designs of 'New school' hearts, stars, roses and tribal tattoos. Then there are angels, cross, butterflies, Fairies, flowers, henna and numerous Christian symbols that are used as tattoo images. That many, the cross is the most famous tattoo.

There are some girls who prefer to get the zodiac symbols and celestial bodies like sun or months as tattoos. There are also many symbols of good luck for the people of various cultures that are used as tattoos. Of course, as usual, the most popular girl's tattoo is to engrave their benefactor or sweetheart in the body.

Basically, women tend to turn to the complex and minimalist tattoos for their bodies. But, recently, they started choosing larger and more aggressive tattoo designs with popular female tattoos becoming more and more experimental every day. It is women decorate her body with tattoos that can appear more attractive and more impressed the section.


Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tattoo Be Musicians

Tattoos are art. Originally, tattoos are images or symbols in the skin of the body that offers a million meanings. Pictures of objects that is usually the inspiration and a different meaning for the owner. Similar phenomenon also occurs among the musicians. Start from the pop musicians cadas to melankolis. Who are the musicians terrible tattoo.

Many factors that cause the use of tattoos for the musicians. Start from a fashion, the existence of the flow of music, to the implementation of the philosophy of life. There are also some musicians think that the identity of himself as a tattoo in the world of entertainment. For example, many tattoo's musicians-great musicians who eventually imitated by its fans. The many fans of the tattoo that mimics the musicians, it means that the musicians are also exist.

Nevertheless, there are musicians that decorate her body with tattoos. body tattoo as a form of appreciation. For example, a sense of love towards someone, the struggle of life and religitas. If you are like this, tattoos are not exactly related to the flow of music or something that is eye CATCHING. Moreover, satisfaction of the tattoo can only be enjoyed by the owner, not the fans and the other.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mentawai Tradition Tattoos: Systematically Destroyed

One day in February 2009. Slowly rounded the sun and the red to sink in the Indian Ocean. The reflection of light makes the surface of a calm sea silvery gold. Right at 6 pm, boat KM Simasin Island starting from a small port located in Batang Arau, Padang Muara, Muara Sikabaluan in the Siberut island. Siberut Island is the largest of the Mentawai Islands overlay consisting of 40 islands. Siberut Island is located in the North, three other large island in the middle is Sipora, North and South Pagai is there in the South. On the islands that was settled with the Mentawai tribe of indigenous and tradisinya unique. Unlike the other tribes that inhabit neighboring island, Sumatra.

Deck in front of the timber ships that carry more than two hundred passengers, the Durga Pance Satoko and are enjoying the natural beauty of the panorama while talked about the trip that we will be more or less of the past 12 hours. I do not dissipate this moment and direct recording frame for frame at the top of the atmosphere of KM in Simasin to mini DV tapes. Ship this ditumpangi people around the islands, merchant-trader with a sudden goods dagangannya; cardboard-cardboard sembako, basket and bag-bag containing the fruits and vegetables. In the timber ships are also some people there are foreign tourists from America and Australia, peselancar (surfer) who are hunting waves to the Mentawai. Perhaps for many peselancar, elegancy Mentawai waves including one of the beautiful in the world.

Unlike leluhurnya from the Mentawai tribe, Pance Satoko does not have a tattoo on her body and no longer practice the ritual-ritual Arat Sabulungan. Arat Sabulungan is a system of knowledge, values and rules of life are strong inherited by the ancestor Mentawai tribe. They believe the world of spirits and souls. Each object that is, living or dead have a soul and spirit as human beings. They should be treated like human beings. Therefore, people should not cut down trees recklessly, without permission panguasa forest (taikaleleu) and the willingness of the spirit and soul of the wood itself. To maintain balance and harmony with the spirits of the world, human nature and presents the various tribes Mentawai offerings and various rituals.

Pance Satoko is the end of the students of Faculty of Social and Political (FISIP) Anthropology Department Università Andalas Padang. Mother Srimulyani at University Laboratory Antropoligi recommends that Pance Satoko to be our guide and translator. Department of Anthropology dipimpinya that many research studies and Mentawai islands. One of them is in the village Mototonan, in the hinterland of South Siberut.

By slashing the capital and the camera hadycam loans, we are starting an independent project that we give the name Mentawai Tattoo Revival or Resurrection Back Tattoos Mentawai. A project that diprakarasi by Durga which aims to create documentation Mentawai tattoo and do workshops with the tattoo sikerei (shaman) tattoo remaining in the village Matotonan. Durga studied at the Faculty of Visual Arts program of Visual Communication Design at the Art Institute of Indonesia (ISI) Yogkarta and now he switched to art tattoo after settling in Los Angeles (LA), United States, between the years 2006-2008. In LA he was selected to become students Tattoo Apprenticeship program, act and work for the Black Wave tattoo studio in LA, every day is directly under the supervision Sulu'ape Freewind sua. A master tattoo and well-respected because of the tradition and maintain the tatau (tattoo traditional techniques Tahiti, Samoa, Polynesia). Sua Sulu'ape Freewind been living in Polynesia, and frequently visited the Dayak Iban tribe in Serawak, Kalimantan.

Durga decides to return to Indonesia and learn motives tribal tattoo on the archipelago, such as that found in the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, the people who live on the island of Rote, and in the Mentawai Islands.

Tradition tattoo or titi in Mentawai is one of the forms of identity and the identity of the Mentawai people have inherited from their ancestors from generation to generation. Mentawai tattoo is a traditional form of art that is very popular in the world, but is now threatened in the area of origin kepunahannya. If we pay a visit to the island Pagai and Sipora, there we no longer find the people who continue the traditions of Mentawai tattoo ritual and ritual-Arat Sabulungan only Carita's ancestors lived in the time-period that has passed.

KM Pulau Simasin ship moving at a steady pace and is now cut through the night began. Ancestor Mentawai people leave stories about their origin-usal who came from the island of Nias, the Mentawai Islands to the north. The name comes from the Mentawai "Aman Tawe."

Perhaps, old Ama Tawe go fishing to the sea and there were terrible storms that dragged so Ama Tawe and mendamparkannya in a foreign place. Ama Tawe find on the island of the new land is very fertile. There are many sources of food. Sago palm up and sown with the planting and merawatnya. Ama Tawe then return to Nias, decided to invite his wife and children to settle in the Mentawai. Ama Tawe descent who inhabit the region and the long run spread to the entire archipelago.

Legend of the origin of the Mentawai tribe doubts for many researchers. Itupun and researchers, many of them paparkan the hypothesis, there is no agreement about the origin of this Mentawai tribe. For example, Neumann and Von Rosenberg hypothesis propose that the Mentawai people came from Polynesia. Neuman is sure the rest of the Mentawai people of Polynesia terusir by the arrival of the Malay islands dominate Sumetera. Meanwhile, because persamaannya with the various tribes that inhabit the Pacific Islands, Von Rosenberg states that the Mentawai tribe directly derived from the Pacific Ocean (Orao Neptutinuanus).

The two other researchers, mess and Morris revealed that the Mentawai not identical with the Malay language and Mentawai no similarity with the Batak language. And Dr. Oudemans said that the Mentawai Serumpun the Batak people and island of Nias, Batu.

At 05.00 KM Simasin anchored at Pulau Muara Sikabaluan, North Siberut. One hour faster than the estimated. Our goal is Matotonan in South Siberut that will be achieved from Muara Siberut. Ship Island Simasin KM transit for 6 hours. Sudden traders selling goods basic needs, food and clothing from the dismantled ships. Most of the traders came from Minangkabau and mistress of Tapanuli. They menajajakan goods during dagangannya ship KM Pulau Simasin akan bribe and transit goods dagangannya if the ship cast off to the next destination.

During the transit we do not find people with the Mentawai characteristics that put them pickpocket (loincloth) and a body full of tattoos. According to Pak Man, a settler who lived in Muara Sikabaluan, traditions and tattoos are forbidden by Arat Sabulungan Camat Sikabaluan. If we want to look for tattoos on Sikabaluan, we have inland Simatalu must be passed through the coast of northern Indian Ocean. And if the storm season small boats do not have the across the marine.

Arat Sabulungan indeed can not be equated with "the flow of trust" because this belief has been hereditary since the ancestor tribes Mentawai there first. But the categorization that made the government since President Soekarno era, Arat Sabulungan enter as the flow of the trust, the trust also animism other existing in the ancestor of the nations in the archipelago. Because they meresahkan life, and form a nation, Arat Sabulungan waived by the Government through a policy through No.167/PROMOSI/1954 SK. Then, in the Mentawai, Religion Three Meetings (1954), the real action is initinya ordered to leave for the Mentawai people Arat Sabulungan with mememilih a government-recognized religion. And the peak occurred in the era of Soeharto's New Order in 1970 until the 1980s, where the repressive Mentawai people forced to leave the tattoo tradition and Arat Sabulungan the cop who discovered them and mempraktekkannya with membakari devices their ceremony.

At 11:00 ship KM Pulau Muara Simasin leave Sikabaluan. We arrived at the Muara Siberut at around 6:00 through. During perjalan had rain not heavy. And in that way, Durga had menato helmsman ship Ucok Zae, 25 years old. Ucok Zae not from Batak, but he's Nias and ditato have the ball in the circle of fire feet. Perhaps this is the only event in the world, where the helmsman of a ship ditato while skipper guided ships. Setiba in the harbor and Maileppet, Muara Siberut, contact Roby Bang recommended Mother Srimulyani Anthropology Laboratory of the University to meet us. Bang Roby has food stalls and modest cottages where we rest and overnight. Esoknya Roby Bang Samoanpora Rinaldi and we will bring the river in the boat belonging to the bot to the village Mototonan.

After shopping for a variety of needs in rural areas we started the rivers that have branches to Matotonan. Along the way we see the mothers and children of women who seek seashell in the river, meet with pompong (traditional boat with engine tempel) downstream along the river from mudik.

Our first release is in the village which is inhabited Rorogot approximately 30 families. We eat the morning before the stock dibungkuskan ibunda Bang Roby in house riverside property Tuamasin Mark. Under the house, where we rested there a muddy pig pen and mixed with the skin-peeling skin has become a matchmaker. While stock eat, we talked and smoked together with the host. Apparently tourist and foreign researchers who often drop in to the village Rogrogot often give money if berfoto together. No money no photos. That's their term. Seuasai eat and rest a while, we continue the journey with the intention to imprison berfoto together.

The river upstream to the shallow, so that at approximately 14:30 we have to stop at the next village, in Madobag. Pance Satoko cousin has a sister who got the assignment to teach at the local junior Affairs. Roby Bang machine out boatnya in Pance sister's house and find two pongpong that we will carry Matotonan the headwaters of the more shallow.

Matotonan plant is kecombrang, kincrung or onje. Plants that have fruit acid is a plant medicine for the Mentawai tribe and flowers consumed as vegetables. Travel upstream along the river until Matotonan in the bamboo plant kecombrang and dominate, and in the estuary area near the coast is swampy peat-and meet the sago tree.

Of the terrain that we pompong with this increasingly difficult. Occasionally the boat roll and hit a tree chunk-chunk, aground on rocks as the river water is shallow, even pongpong was one of the screw propeller-vane balingnya dislodged and broken balingnya-pound stone. Untung just have a spare propeller.

Through a variety of terrain that weight, the dark we finally arrived in the village Matotonan. We met with local residents and we stayed warm in a house next to the house of the village head Matotonan. Matotonan the village head called Christinus Basyir. From the name we know that when he had a small first baptized. After the adults move to Islam, from situlah name Basyir get it. While the parents are still alive, still profess belief in Arat Sabulungan, bertato, hunting and pig keeping. The house is our tempati Post Office Social, where Mother Srimulyani also become one of the konsultannya.

Nevertheless the people welcomed us with warm, their response was very varied, for example, there is suspicion that our coming, and even have the money ask if we want to document the remaining tattoo. But after explaining the purpose Pance our arrival, and eventually they understand that many of them want the tattoo. In addition to documenting the mecatat and re-designs in the Matotonan, we also offer to them to continue their tattoos are not finished with the machine that we carry. Matotonan live in a village sipaniti (the tattoo), Tegora Manai. He menato for the last time about ten years ago and now he is experiencing myopia.

While enjoying coffee and cigarettes, that night also discuss some design Durga Mentawai tattoo from a photocopy of our books are available. In fact each region has a typical tattoo is not the same as the other tribes. Our knowledge this has not been available in the reading materials that we have.

Mentawai first person to make a tattoo in a place far from the settlement, which is only done by sikerei and people concerned. This has caused the younger generation also saw the rare process of tattoos and they are reluctant to learn. Moreover, after inclusion of the influence of various modern and dibangku school taught them that their ancestor is the belief of all things related to the tradition of worship of idols and the spirits. Even a local youth who want to have a skull tattoo, when we ask why he does not want to be made Mentawai tattoo, a dozen years in the youth said that the tattoo Mentawai and trust leluhurnya-Arat Sabulungan-belief is the devil.

In the 1970 and 1980s when the New Order with the vicious killing of belief-ganasnya animism tribes in the hinterland, the people in Matotonan also mengalaminya. Secure Eriana recounts how he was accompanying his wife, the police arrested the civil service and brought to the Muara Sikabaluan to work memberishkan roads, open fields as lelehurnya doubt on the belief that they anut and tattoos that decorate her body.

Secure Derei Kerei also menceritkan the same. That they remember it more than a hundred people, and be hunted and arrested twenty people came from Matotonan. In addition to the trail, tools ceremony in their fuel and their ditodong with the long barrel weapons. If you have discovered the relative of the family died and they perform the ceremony Arat Sabulungan they must flee to bring dead bodies into the forest. If not the police officer who is also sometimes accompanied by local Koramil akan not uncommon to catch and beat them. One of the police are called Nico. Even the village head that is now before this tradition also forbids tattoos and all related Arat Sabulungan.

Sogagi is safe sikerei (shaman) of the young in the village we met Mototonan. He was 40an. A sikerei, in addition memiki knowledge about drugs, they are also considered to have the knowledge to connect people in the world with the spirits of ancestors and nature. We are very grateful to Mrs. Srimulyani of Anthropology Laboratory FISIP University that allows us to this place. Before this tradition is completely extinct, as happened on the island of Pagai and Sipora. From this village, together with support sikerei-sikerei that we will do tesisa documentation and conduct workshops with their tattoos. Some people sikerei is prepared to continue tatonya that repression is not complete because the New Order. Tattoo machine with which we take from Jakarta, akan Durga through collaboration with Tegora Manai. Master Tattoos remaining inland Matotonan-one of the last bull tattoo Mentawai tradition of trust and their ancestors: Arat Sabulungan.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tribal Tattoos So Popular

Many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tribal tattoos are driving people mad with the extraordinary variety of design
and style. If you contact the tattoo artist, you will be amazed to see this as very good tattoo from a variety of ethnic styles. Some popular designs include dragon tribal tattoo, tribal butterfly tattoo, scorpion tribal tattoos and much more. Lately more and more people who visit tattoo shops to get their bodies tattooed. Gone are the days when he has a tattoo is considered customary in the arms and other areas of the body, but this day is done solely in order to fashion. It seems, among the mad race for the tattoo will increase from year to year.

There are many tribes tattoo style you can think if you close the eyes for a second and think for a while. Tribal tattoos have become so popular that it seems as though they have been rocked almost every boy. In fact, of late is being considered to design tattoos for children and middle aged people as well. So you can imagine what the people mad tribal tattoos. Talking about the tattoo tribal style, there are many styles that you can consider. To find some good style, you can even find on the internet. There are a number of web sites on tattooing where you can get some fantastic ideas of tribal tattoos.

Tribal tattoos designed on the bottom of the back look real cool and they make a good style statement. Lower back tattoos have become very popular among young people. They feel cool and funky by getting these tattoos on the back of their lower. There are various types of lower back tattoos, but of all, tattoos tribe make the best choice. They have the power to fantastic visual appeal.

Celtic design to get the popularity of each day and the more they find ways in making the lower back tattoo. Tribal tattoo design with the look you will be more confident and cool.


Celtic Design Tattoo

It is a tattoo of art used to decorate the body can appear to believe in themselves and interesting. Celtic Design Tattoo has returned a massive in the last few years. History of the Celts will be back thousands of years. Beginning of the Celtic people displayed their skills in the complex art and is regarded as fierce warriors by the Romans. For the influence of Celtic tattoo designs Celtic crosses and Celtic evidence and works of art can still be found throughout the country.

Celtic modern society has developed a symbol for their own, and North America, of Celtic descent often adorn Celtic design tattoos to show their Celtic origins. Ancient Celts passed knowledge down through oral tradition of many things and does not keep a written record. As a result, there is little evidence that they actually Celtic tattoo design preferences even though the rest of the Celtic Cross Celtic Knot design and tattoo designs are very popular tattoo design.

Most of Celtic tattoo designs are taken from the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts The Book of Kells, which is on display in the library of Trinity College in Dublin. This script is a long time and then compared with the period of time from a height of Celtic tattoo designs. Design of the ancient stone and metal work are more likely to come from the same time period as Celtic tattooing designs.

Celtic Knot design tattoos are usually loops with no beginning or end, as many Mobius strip, which symbolizes the never ending cycle of death and resurrection. Celtic animal (zoomorphic tattoo designs) designs similar in construction, but cable is a traditional stop on the feet, head or tails of Celtic design tattoos. Pure knots are usually unending, unless the end of the style sheet into zoomorphic element or spiral.

The Celtic Knot complexity of the tattoo design, the literal translation means, and they will be found in the deeper level. The repeated crossing of physical and spiritual is expressed in the interlacing of the knots. That never ends the way the strands in May to represent permanence and continuum of life, love and faith. For this reason Celtic design tattoos have become extraordinary popular.

If you are from the Celtic heritage, whether Irish, Scottish or Welsh, Celtic tattoo designs have a way to express pride in heritage by reaffirming an Affinity to indigenous artistic style of your ancestors. Celtic tattoo designs is not easy to re-design, and are highly recommended to ensure that the artist has experience in designing Celtic tattoos design.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Popular Tattoo Designs

In the modern era is a lot of people that decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos are a common thing nowadays. They are more popular than before. Research has shown that nearly 1 out of 4 people have at least one tattoo. There are many designs to choose from, which gives people the opportunity to be creative. Below, we will see some of the most popular tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoos designs among the most popular. They have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and they always grow and become increasingly complex with the design and style. Tribal tattoos can be the traditional black style that cover arms and legs or more colorful styles that can include all of the body. A colorful, more modern look more and more popular when compared to other styles.

The "old school" style tattoos are also popular. Anchors and things like that that make this day very intelligent and not just with sailors. This style is very common and very popular back in the 60s. They quickly get their popularity back, as women and men have anchors and swallow designs tattooed them more.

Lower back tattoo of the most common for women. The lower back is one area in the sensual and sexual woman, so the ideal place for a tattoo. Tribal design of the most popular, although flowers, dragons, symbols and tattoos make great also. The lower back offers many natural curves as well, which can make for an innovative tattoo. Often times, women tend to include tribal that spreads, covering the hips they also.

Dragon designs are another popular type style of tattoos. They were popular in the past, and is now starting to get back popularity. There are many different options dragons, including the mythical dragon and ancient Chinese dragon. Dragons in the big chest for men and women to return. Dragon tattoos can be almost any size, although most men tend to have one hand, they cover their chest area or on their weapons.

Celtic tattoos are also popular as well. They mostly start with people who have a Celtic heritage, although some people who do not have their Celtic heritage also. They offer a variety of designs and symbols, providing universal meanings for everyone. Often they are mixed with tribal tattoos to create a more innovative tattoo. Tattoos can make you look more confident and interesting.


The Tribal Tattoos Make a Good Choice of Body Art

Tribal Bear Tattoo
Looking for a unique tattoo design? If yes, then how about tribal bear tattoos. They make great art and the body become increasingly popular among the tattoo lovers. Tribal bear tattoo gives a different view and therefore favored by the community. It is especially well liked by youngsters who believe in maintaining a different identity. There are various ethnic tattoo designs but Scorpio, phoenix and dragon are common designs, so why not try something new at this time. Tribal bear tattoos look cool and funky. Now even women are interested in tattoos. Gone are the days when their own patterns with limited interest. Bear tattoo designs in tribal form have become their first choice. So, you get your body tattooed with tribal bear design and flaunt your cool image.

Chest Tribal Tattoo
Black and have relevance in the tribal chest tattoo designs. It's the black ink that does not leave the tribal chest tattoo die (fade) easily. This is because the inimitable designs that these tattoos are still in demand. The most common found tribal chest tattoos exhibit Maori designs, Eskimo totems and Aztec Sunday hours and reach the unrelenting. In addition, tribal chest tattoo designs are made with heavy lines and different Hues. Tribal chest tattoos, which is good for them like the design that came from Maori, Haida, Polynesian and Native American designs. What Tribal chest tattoos some of the other is the history of body decoration. Chest tribal tattoos symbolizes the relationship between the community together in a group, family, social, etc. One can go to interesting, but the extraordinary dazzling tribal chest tattoos in any part of the body. He will bring himself on the brink if the risk of accident is one of the tattoo done or placed on, or body.

Combination with Traditional Tattoos Tribal Tattoos
Unique combination of traditional tattoos with tribal tattoos has made it more popular among the tattoo lovers. There are various ways well received that are available in the tattoo can be combined with the traditional tribal tattoo tattoo to seduce a lover. It's really amazing to see how that tattoo tribe developed over a period of time after the body was held. Some of the most common way to combine traditional tattoo Tribal tattoos are: traditional tattoo May float above the line or on the tribe tattoo may be located in the middle of the line. Tribal tattoos easy with identical points and sharp corners. Another way of calm among the people is famous around the traditional tribal tattoo tattoo. While in-depth look at the design that will come to know that he is actually the tribal design that tends to form a picture. No doubt, it is creativity and uniqueness in the tribal tattoo design that brought in mode.Memakai tattoos can make you look semkin interesting.

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Tips to Consider in a Tattoo for a Woman's

For some time, most tattoo patrons were men. However, times have changed and there are now various designs of tattoo for women just as there is for men. Before you do get a tattoo though, here are some things that you should think about first.

Change in Trend

Western society used to stereotype women with tattoos. Those who sported a tattoo for women designs were often thought of as having loose morals. Well, times have truly changed because tattoos for women are fast becoming acceptable. You can say that it might be because more media prominent female personalities have decided to flaunt their beautiful and sexy tattoos. If it is alright for them, then it is also alright for average women on the streets. Now, a tattoo for a woman design need not be linked to the idea of rebelliousness. At the most, it can be called sexy, unique and definitive.

When You Should Decide

Before deciding, get this straight:real tattoo for women designs are permanent and you can't just change your mind about a tattoo that you have had done. If you want a tattoo to be removed, you might have to undergo surgery. This is why it is very important to get your tattoo right the first time. This does not just mean finding a great tattoo for women artist. Even if you have the best artist, he can only do a perfect design replica of whatever you hand him. This means finding the right tattoo design in the first place is very important. Don't just decide at the spur of the moment or simply because you feel pressured or too tired to keep on searching for the perfect design. Take a lot of time and do a lot of research before you decide on a tattoo for a woman design.

Tattoo for Women

Men and women should have different tattoo designs. This isn't just a matter of gender discrimination or upholding obsolete gender stereotypes. The real difference stems from the actual differences in body shape and size and sometimes in individual personalities.

Designs for a woman client would therefore depend greatly on her personal preferences and in her unique physical attributes. Usually, tattoo for women designs are smaller than male designs and may sometimes seem more subtle or less aggressive. Designs like these would look better on the curved smaller frames of some women.

Asking Experts

If you are not an expert at tattoo for women designs, you would do better to consult an online or offline expert first before settling on a design. A tattoo expert can help you on two major aspects:

- They can tell if your design will fit your particular body shape, body part and skin color. He can also offer you some advice on top designs and popular female body parts to put tattoos on. In other words, going to an expert is like consulting a medical expert before going through a critical procedure.

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The Interesting Ideas for Tattoo Designs for Girls

Period girls now decorate her body like that seen in the elegant and sexy top. Tattoo designs for the popularity of girls who are very fast as they often believe, not without reason, tattoos that enhance sex appeal of the person referred to. Most women find that tattoos in places is very particular how increased their desire for men.

Most of the sexiest women in the world who have tattoos are adding their sex appeal. Sports and sexy hot tattoos in different parts of the body is now all the rage, but it is very clear that women are now changing their views on 'cool' tattoos. The reason for this is that women have evolved from print to bolder tattoos girl tattoos. Thus it is not normal to the tattoo studio that uses both men are preferred when it comes to tattoo designs for women. Fled from the mill chic tattoo is no longer popular for tattoo designs for women.

Design a Tattoo:

In general, women tattoo design that you want to describe them as bold, exotic and dangerous above all, erotic. A Butterfly or a smiley, and very funny, not really the most tattoos. They certainly will not be too sexy with the opposite sex and therefore does not serve most purposes. Thus, the tattoo designs for women must be selected to further their power and sex appeal. A good example would be a dragon tattoo, with more emphasis on the eyes or face, which can easily translate into a sensuous and dangerous, and that is also thick.

The Tattoo Size:

The two important things to consider is the size of the tattoo design. A bold woman may consider a tattoo covering her back fully. However, some women may appear more than skin tattoo, and may thus prefer a medium sized tattoo. A tattoo is a little larger than the usual 'small' design.

Most of the women faculty because they are considered prominent faculty. There are few better methods to do this from the tattoos. A tattoo is strong and people are not afraid to show off is a good team. A powerful tattoo can not be hidden, otherwise what use to be?

There are many designers that make the number of tattoo designs for women, but keep in mind that the design, size and color must be perfect. Tattoos are permanent things, and this is much easier to dispose of them them. So there is a possibility that the person who has a tattoo now will be done with him for the rest of their lives. Thus, it is important to choose the tattoo that the person will never feel ashamed or want to get rid of it later. A tattoo should reflect that the character and personality, and not only be beautiful or 'cool' image. A tattoo professional designers who will advise on choosing the perfect tattoo, and will also help you measure such as the type of response from people will tattoos. They will also know more about the size of designs and colors to choose who is given to the skin tone.