Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tattoo Story-Daerice:masculine And Feminine Tattoo

This tattoo is about my first heartbreak. When my first love and I permanently split I decided to get this tattoo, both the cleanse some of the pain, mark the time, and to make a promise to myself. I decided that no matter how much it hurt I wasn’t going to be bitter or give up my dream which is this tattoo. A complete circle created by two complimentary elements, that of the masculine and feminine.

I designed this one myself, but it was a combination of artists who created the final image you see here. First I described it to a friend named Bernie who drew it out. The first tatto artist to work on it was a guy named Kelly, a Mormon biker in Reno. He filled in the male side really well, but only traced out the female side minimally. I sat for him about 2 hours.

Years later in Seattle I went to see an artist named Magenta in a shop on Broadway and she put another 2.5 hours of ink into it. She basically did the female side herself - sort of freelance. I just let her go. I liked her work so well, I trusted her to do it right. She also put back in the yellow which had faded from the fiery parts. The photo I have here is years after Magenta’s work, so a lot of the yellow has faded again.

Source : http://www.tattooconfidential.com/33/tattoo-story-daerice-masculine-and-feminine/

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