Monday, March 23, 2009

Trend Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are a popular type of tattoo with many people. These kinds of tattoos express peoples love for one another. The heart tattoo has never lost its popularity with people and has been around for years. These tattoos come in big bold colors. Most people think of red as being the only color to use for a heart tattoo but now days the colors vary greatly with rich bright colors that are bold and stand out. Of course, these kinds of tattoos can come in any size you choose from very tiny to large in size. Heart tattoos are an emotional tattoo liked by both men and women. It was popular for sailors to wear a heart tattoo with anchors and the word mom inside. The selections of heart tattoos have become larger over the years. Heart tattoos also mean love and happiness for many people.

Heart tattoos have many different meanings depending on the design they have such as the broken heart can mean sadness, loss of a loved one or a failed relationship. A heart that bleeds may refer to a broken relationship or lost love. A heart with an arrow may refer to a broken heart or sad memories of a relationship. A heat with wings means a free spirit and a heart with a dagger may mean bravery or betrayal. Heart tattoos are popular on the body in places such as the arms, chest, back and ankles. Some heart tattoos are personal and have people’s names written across them that are important in your life. During wartime, heart tattoos with the American flag are very popular. Many times people have a boyfriend or girlfriends name put in a heart tattoo but be careful because if you separate you will still have the tattoo on your body with their name on it reminding you of the relationship everyday. So consider it carefully before you go and get this type of tattoo.

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