Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Emilie Darrigade, Tato the most Young Artist in the World

Emilie Darrigade to tato the youngest artist in the world after being successful merajah his father's body, Dave, in his age that was new five years. Emilie drew details of a bee on his father's arms, of course that the implementation was supervised by the supervision a person tato the artist was experienced, Robin Labreche. The small Emilie chose the design of the bee because bumble bee (the bee) was the nickname love for him from the father.
"Emilie was happy very much when being given by the opportunity by Robin to give the colour in tato I." He did him without only a few left the line. Be impressive enough considering heavy the machine tato itu,”tutur the father. Emilie drew tato this in the shop tato Adrenaline in Montreal, Canada. He attracted attention as well as invited the amazed click of many people around the shop.

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