Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tattoos The Butterfly

A I was the butterfly woman. Each step that was created always produced the wings wings. Spaces in my house were a dimension that told stories captured and always produced laughter. The other female joke, my mother who was called by me with the term Mama.. In my neck one tato was drawn clear. Tato the butterfly with the wings mengepak. Was not so wide and was gotten by the motive of coloured spots black. If you felt your neck and found the protrusion of neck bones, then there the picture of the exact butterfly was in my neck. Tato that was sweet and I really liked him. Insects of the sweet pump that were located in my neck often made the feeling curious to myself myself to always see him. However I only could see with help of the mirror or big glasses that was in my room. Carried out surveillance of the cute shadow that emerged instantly.
I remembered the incident that melatari how the butterfly was in my neck. Several of my previous months found the long letter in inbox my e-mail. A mature man told about hope that according to me was strange. The name of the mature man was Lepidoptera, the unique name not. Lepi, just as I called him, had the wish when he got up, Lepi did not want to find who. Lepi wanted to be not a single that knew him. Every time got up Lepi hope for was in the other world, the world that be different from yesterday. You knew I only smiled read the letter. Then the next day I replied to the Lepi letter. Said by me to him that suata when Lepi will find his hope. Get up and did not find anything. Tried-please considering yesterday but was as strong whatever Lepi efforts as him would not found himself yesterday. When Lepi woke up from being sound asleep him he will find a hairy woman short, in fact very short for the measurement of a woman. Lepi tried keep in mind, thought-ngira, who the brave woman menggangu slept him in the warm morning. Lepi efforts were in vain, because he could not remember. Lepi only found tato the butterfly in the level of the neck of the woman. Just as I replied to the long letter of a mature man named Lepidoptera. You knew, after I sent the e-mail suddenly tato the butterfly clung to my neck. Of course I was frightened because my sentences in the letter became the reality. I was really not comfortable with tato that, there was a fear. I the idea was the curse because I replied to the letter someone with imaji that was abundant. Truly I worried with the situation myself. On my body, in my neck, on my skin had a piece of picture that never I ideas. Never I guessed beforehand.
Several times Lepi sent me the letter, but I still do not heed him. I was frightened sentences that were developed by me in the letter to the reality like tato the butterfly that currently mengepak in my neck. Forgotten by me the mature man. At this time I have been used to it with tato the butterfly that illustrated the level of the neck, occasionally I speaking thank heavens possibly this was the gift. A woman with tato the butterfly in the neck, so sweet. Like this afternoon. Whether the afternoon that to how many because I had not remembered him. During the day that was intense, sepulang my lecture visited one mall in the centre of the city. Just throw away bored because routine went to class that was boring. Over the multi-storied building of five and entered a place that only sold pewangi the room.
I sorted several pewangi that differed his aroma. There is fragrant, the flower, until the coffee aroma. I bought several for available spaces in my house. I liked something that was fragrant. Liked all the fragrant matters. Always had the spirit that was inhaled from fragrant-scent that. It was not tired that I entered several show cream. There were those who are strange. Several visitors mall paid attention to me. Is there that was wrong with my appearance or sweat berlelehan on my face. Possibly they saw tato the butterfly in my neck and that something that was strange for them. But I feel that not that. Tato not the matter that was foreign in this city. Many women that described tato in certain places in his body part. Heard by me whispers from their voice. Apples. It was fragrant that apples. The apples aroma. I sped up my step because abnormal in gaze at like that by many people.
People continued to pay attention to me and to whisper. Apples. It was fragrant that apples. The apples aroma. Were they not wrong? This floor was filled by the cheese aroma from the wide bakery, so fragrant. But why people said apples words. The strange afternoon and I did not want to be trapped in listening that was disrupted by them, the people. Arrive in outside mall I immediately crossed. A solid highway blocked I obviously. Was waiting. Tried to look for the opportunity so that I could free went down to foreign there. Various vehicles menyeruak, seized mutual positions to always to that was fastest. Did not heed the walkers that will cross. A zebra cross was spread our opposite me. Heat of the sun and time tarnished the white paint that became the limit between the highway and the line of the zebra cross. I was still remaining was waiting for the reduction of the speed debit of various vehicles. Several people began to be built-up, together will cross. Where traffic police? Usually they are around here to help chased the vehicles. The wind blew. The tree silhouette moved a wind direction that came. Increasingly many people that will cross but the opportunity was not yet available. The rate of the cars was so fast him. Just a few were wrong to take the certain opportunity the horns storm filled the part of the road that only enough for three moving car routes of one direction. Round me, people have begun to be impatient. Several whispering people did not make sense. Apples. It was fragrant that apples. The apples aroma. I turned to the side of them. Again and again that was heard by me only apples. It was fragrant that apples. The apples aroma. I already did not keep. Then kulangkahkan foot. Crossed did not think about the life that still was feeling at home on the body. I was not finished thought why people round me always said same words.
Tonight I found the atmosphere being different. I could not sleep. To close the eyes was felt was difficult. Repeatedly I read the book so that drowsiness comes but is not successful. Felt by me was tired that increasingly bandaged. What's up gerangan? The night was protracted. The apples aroma has menjelaga in each corner of the room. I did not understand with the condition for my body at this time. Crossed the past silhouette, during me lost someone, when I got something. The fever memerangkap my body. Seen by me spotty purple on my hands palm disappeared little by little. You knew, possibly this was my time to undergo the further life phase. Bermetamorfosis.

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