Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tattoo - Arts and self-identity of Bali

Tatto do not digolongin in the world premanisme I dibali, it is the civilian body that merajah with the intent that they ditakuti by many people.

There is never been to bali? bertanya2 I certainly pleased with the young children tatto or how many people bali bertato.
Rata2 do they have tattoos, free full sebadan ga, I maniak of the new toe and hand. I sometimes open a new shirt out.
High school children had also started bertatto cur, but ga wiriness, referring only.

Lagian tatto that the pun ga events, many of which ngambil abstract tribal2 the ancient tribal ato gw ga ngerti own sometimes what means, bisanya merely says "oo" while observing.
Saking a high value to the body art itself is in accordance with the carving dirajah / ancient tribal

Some also have a part in the identity of the group. (This is still valid in the world of Mafia bali), but I is not Mafia!

I also own dirajah ama temen gw 2001. Back so I oprekannya. Ter disc Tattonya image blocks of black, creating a block that I nahan sick ampun2 the ampir mo nangis2.
Jrg lagian people want a tatto on the block is full color Itam, incredible pain!
Theme of this disc is taken from a weapon Sri Kresna ngabisin musuh2nya. And this disc serves anarchist alias ga I have eyes slaughter purpose.

Yes ngambil theme is appropriate because the nature of a sometimes anarchic, diagnosed the act. Gw ga when I ordered it. They even make CD / swt. pas tau dah eh cakranya so, fact dipakein Letter "A" which means more anarchic.
tatto but this which make us all brothers kayak, saking akrabnya. This is the identity of a direct eyes temen2ku

So I have a tough Jalan2 kebali children muda/orang2 jgn bali bertato fear, the hideous charge tattonya. they ramah2 kok, but remember they do not favor dibalas with malignancy.
Tattonya that can be nunjukin identity, you can die at hehe ...


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