Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tattoos (An Ancient Tradition Or Symbols Symbols of Modern)

Hear the word tattoo, various associations, appear in our mind. There are associate with the sea, there's also imagine that the world is loaded with tribal ethnic motifs full of meaning, and not infrequently the gum with the tattoo or the civilian criminal and sign an exclusive group or geng.Untuk case that even this last opportunity to be the case outside common in the 1980s, namely that the action "Peter" aka mysterious shooter. Victims of Om's say Peter is the man who has a tattoo on tubuhnya.Tak surefire time that many owners belingsatan tattoo so afraid because so berikutnya.Yang target Om Peter terlanjur many who have tattoos and do not try to eliminate and even less experience in the disability tubuhnya.Yang new intention I have, suddenly torn remove far these ideas.

Create the size of young people nowadays, tattoo seems to be something that fungkeh, especially when more and more celebrities are busy busy-join mengguratkan tattoos on her body either permanent or temporary. Kiosks which provide services to body piercing and tattoos in the entire merebak any major city around the world, especially cities close to the centers komonitas tribal. A course or more precisely Bali Kuta or Sanur, close to its community-Sasak Lombok; Serawak Kuching in a community near the Dayaks; Melbourne-Sidney is close to the Aboriginal community. In addition, cities such as New York metropolis, London is due to the strength of the documentation also sell tattoo motives of both environmental tribes in the Pacific and Root Anglo-Saxon, such as Viking.

For some of the young city, tattoo is like an exotic veil that can send itself to the world kemistikan a bran berantah a gate or entrance to the ancient world.Imej a tattoo on the reference literature akan symbols a more dapatmerepresentasikan life, death, the value -value a relationship as a runaway process as well as resistance from the symbols and manners kemapanan the figures are presented in the old bureaucracy, the state apparatus and the more business that day is considered as the causal reality of the terkikis ini.Tato became a symbol representation personal.Liat is the only member of Red Hot Chili Pappers who fulfilled all the body tattoos. Moreover, "the star field" Anthony Kiedis of the 1990s was beginning to ngebela-belain Kalimantan Sadap precisely to the Village, where the length of Rumah Dayak Iban community, diperbatasan Betung Keriung National Park, West Kalimantan border and get a tattoo for Serawak tribal motif with Dayak traditional style of treatment.

Kalimantan to this noted as one of the region in the world that still practice the tattoos, a tradition that took place since many centuries ago. Kemasyuran Dayak tattoo itself known in the western world since the late 19th century, where many start to describe your publication
Dayak community life as a native of the island of Kalimantan, the third largest island in the world after Greenland and Papua. In the year 1912, Charles Hose and William MacDougall published bukuThe Pagan Tribe of Borneo, which is counted as one of the classic reference on the book of life tribal.Dalam Hose and Dougall load record their trip to Kalimantan to explain that the information obtained directly from the first hand, including many decorative tattoo fad.

For the Iban themselves, tattoo sketch associated with moment-important moment in the life cycle seseorang.Seorang daughter who is clever weaving cloth akan receive tattoo shaped like a ring around the net a second lengannya. A child of adult men who are worthy will receive a tattoo wander in typical Iban motifs such as flowers or eggplant ketam.Yang interesting when some men Iban record shoreline mereka.Semisal moment that they wander to Malaysia enplane, mengguratkan picture complete with aircraft any posts Malaysia Airlines System dadamereka.Adalagi in the image menorehkan machine gun because the consecutive wander away in the process of Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation or involved crushing of the communist Paraku (North Kalimantan People's Force) around 1960. Now I have to draw a naked woman in a position ngongkong, Elu bayangin deh can experience what they can wander about the time? Or when the views of young people in the current mengguratkan many tribal tattoo motif bracelet that
circle in the lengannya wiriness Macho, ell can concoct their own deh outline of the tattoo ..!


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