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Eating Healthy For Dummy + Plus Bonus

Eating Healthy for Dummy + Plus Bonus
"It's A Shame For You Not To Get Fit And Healthy -- When Other People Do It So Easily!"

Lose Weight and Body Fat Without Giving Up the Yummy and Tasty Foods You Love!

Eating Your Way to Fitness very clearly explains in easy to understand English what an

individual needs to know about the effective steps on how to set personal goals in order

to achieve fat and weight loss - permanently! You can now lose weight without giving up

the yummy and tasty foods you love!!! All the answers are contained and clearly explained

in Eating Your Way to Fitness e-book. It gives you clear guidelines and instructions on

how you can now enjoy your food (and snacks too) and at the same time lose weight at the

rate of TWO POUNDS per week!!!

Here's What You Will Learn From Eating Your Way to Fitness E-book.

Eating Your Way to Fitness - Get Fit and Healthy Without the Agony! provides you all you

need to know about:

The Importance of Proteins and Carbohydrates in your diet!
How you can eat FATTY foods to help you lose weight!
How to maximize your water intake for a healthier weight loss program!
How to permanently lose weight and keep lean for the rest of your life!
Other weight loss and dieting programs make you sacrifice the quantity and quality of

foods you eat for short-term weight loss! After six months or so, you begin to notice

that you weigh more than when you started out on their sure-fire weight loss program!

Why? Because right off the start, the program is not provided for sustainable weight


Sure, you will lose more than 5 POUNDS within 2 weeks but do you know that those 5 pounds

you lost include muscles too? Why? Because other weight and fat loss programs advocate

severe carbohydrate restriction which is detrimental and may be dangerous to health!

On the other hand, Eating Your Way to Fitness - Get Fit and Healthy Without the Agony!

provides you with a complete, comprehensive and thorough strategy on how to permanently

lose fat WITHOUT the need for diet pills, expensive equipment and unnecessary exercises

to keep fit and maintain a healthy body!

By learning the techniques from Eating Your Way to Fitness you can lose weight

permanently using a scientific approach:

You will increase your self confidence!
You will have more time for your family!
You will become more productive!
You will look and feel great permanently!
You can start wearing those designer jeans and clothes everybody loves.
You don't have to join a health club or a gym; all you have to do is follow the

systematic approach to scientific weight loss by eating as much as you want (within

limits of course) of yummy and tasty foods that you can choose from one of the

accompanying reports and you are well on your way to a leaner and muscular body!

If you want to enhance your looks, then you have a choice of low impact exercises that

you can easily perform without the accompanying expense not to mention the muscle aches

and pains of intense workouts!

Why make yourself suffer in silence when all you want to have is a lean body and lose

weight? You can now lose weight without the agony and frustration other programs offer

and keep fat off permanently without sacrificing your taste for good food and

jeopardizing your health!

Table of Contents:
Chapter I
Goal Setting Strategies
Successful Goal Management and Achievement Techniques
Chapter II
Determine Your Fat to Muscle Ratio
What is Your Body Type?
Chapter III
The Secret of Fat and Weight Loss
Jump Start Your Metabolism
Chapter IV
Eating Correctly to Lose Weight and Tone Your Muscles
P-C-F Combinations for Better Muscle to Fat Ratio
Eat Fats to Your Advantage!
The Role of Proteins and Carbohydrates in Nutrition
How Water Helps You Lose Weight
Chapter V
Nutrition Plan Formulation Strategies
Chapter VI
Maximize Fat and Weight Loss with Low Impact Workouts


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