Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tattoo Be Musicians

Tattoos are art. Originally, tattoos are images or symbols in the skin of the body that offers a million meanings. Pictures of objects that is usually the inspiration and a different meaning for the owner. Similar phenomenon also occurs among the musicians. Start from the pop musicians cadas to melankolis. Who are the musicians terrible tattoo.

Many factors that cause the use of tattoos for the musicians. Start from a fashion, the existence of the flow of music, to the implementation of the philosophy of life. There are also some musicians think that the identity of himself as a tattoo in the world of entertainment. For example, many tattoo's musicians-great musicians who eventually imitated by its fans. The many fans of the tattoo that mimics the musicians, it means that the musicians are also exist.

Nevertheless, there are musicians that decorate her body with tattoos. body tattoo as a form of appreciation. For example, a sense of love towards someone, the struggle of life and religitas. If you are like this, tattoos are not exactly related to the flow of music or something that is eye CATCHING. Moreover, satisfaction of the tattoo can only be enjoyed by the owner, not the fans and the other.

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