Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tattoos Taboo Before, But Now Trendy And Modern

ARTIS Nafa Urbach when ditato in "Kent Tattoo Studio" .* DOK. Roby seems, according to history, tattoos were originally found in Egypt at the time of The Great Pyramids, and when the kingdom of Egypt to expand their art of tattoo is spread participate. Development of the civilization of Crete, Greece, Persia, Arabia and expand the art form of it. As much in 2000 BC, tattoo art spread to China.

The word tattoo comes from the tahitian, "wounded" which means "to signify something." The purpose of menato have diverse, ranging from culture to excuse something that is considered trendy and modis. Tattoos have something very important in a ritual or tradition. In Borneo, for example, the women menato himself as a symbol that indicates their particular expertise. Maori tribe in New Zealand to make a tattoo shaped carvings on the spiral-carved face and buttocks. According to them, this is the mark of a good offspring. In the Solomon Islands, ditorehkan tattoo on the face of women as ritus to mark a new stage in their lives. Almost the same as above, the Nuer tribe in the Sudan using tattoos to mark the initiation ritus boys. Indian people paint and sculpt the body of their skin to add beauty or show a certain social status.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, there have been times when the tattoo is seen as something that is considered scourge. Everyone is wearing a tattoo is considered synonymous with criminals, rampok, galley, and mischief. Negative presumption such as this are not directly get the "endorsement" in various cities in Indonesia.

Brita L. Miklouho-Maklai in his writings "reveals the Pain Society, said that the criminals kambuhan are mostly identified through tattoos, and then ditembak in secret, and mayatnya be put in the bag and discarded in any place like trash. In fact, not all people bertato the criminals. But, why there is going to generalize like that? Unfortunately there is no research that reveals the profound shift in the meaning of the tattoo as a decorative ornament carving a sign the body cap for the criminals.

Before the tattoo is seen as something trendy and fashionable as today, tattoos are close to the culture of rebellion. Negative public opinion about tattoos and the prohibition of wearing tattoos or tattoo for the particular religion the more perfect image tattoo as something that is prohibited and unlawful. Therefore, using the same tattoo with the rebellion against social order and religious values which have.

The first tattoo is considered a taboo and ugly, now this tattoo is seen as something that modis and trendy. Tattoos tai fly, to redden lips tattoo, eyebrow tattoo tattoo pictures to "move the canvas painting" to the entire body. In fact, the peminatnya now not only on the normal or the people who want to fraudulent for effect. The artists are now using a lot of tattoos as accessories. Only a few artists such as Andi / rif, presenters and performers familiar Jodi beautiful Nafa Urbach. This indicates that these tattoos have become a trend that is considered reasonable in the community. In addition to serve as the vehicle for the expression of artists tatonya.

Many tattoo artists that exist with the results of his work. "I along with colleagues, would like more memasyarakatkan tattoo as a work of art," said tattoo artist in Bandung, Yusephtia Soewardi.

To achieve results that perfect image, the male-familiar disapa Kent Kent is not half-hearted use of ink Intenze products to Austria tatonya. Unlike the usual ink, ink Intenze reputedly contain antibiotics that can prevent skin cancer, in addition to the color selection varied for 53 different colors. This is also supported with the benefits of machine tatonya that he deliberately messages directly from the United States. Can be ascertained, the picture becomes more good and perfect.

Although initially Kent-Kent had menggeluti "prison tattoos" that penggarapannya done in origin, of the Kent-Kent to change the negative image of the tattoo with the rules for the process of tatonya. For example, with the election motif tattoo skin colors adapted to the client, until the stage of health care start of use of plastic gloves, and sterilization in the tattoo with the media using alcohol.

Tattoo art also recognize that the various streams. According to Kent-Kent in the art of tattoo is classified into 6 sections, namely:
1. Natural, variety of images such as tattoos or natural form of the face.
2. Treeball, is a series of images created using the color blocks. Tattoos are used by many tribes Mauri.
3. Outschool, tattoos are made form the images of time past, such as boats, anchors or symbol love the knife punctured.
4. Newschool, the picture tends to lead to a form of graffiti and anime.
5. Biomekanic, is an image which is a strange imagination of technology, such as images of robots, machines, etc..

Nuance of the tattoo the more diverse, more and add maraknya world of tattoo and penggemarnya indirectly akan create image of the tattoo to be better, things that are not taboo anymore. This picture as a condition of the time of the birth of a different construction from time to time. Previously considered to be bad, tattoos now considered as something modern. If this era ended, it is not impossible if the tattoo can be seen as the appointment of "social-class status."


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