Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Temporary Tattoos in Vogue

Wearing a tattoo is not taboo, many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos today there are many ways for both tattooing permanent & temporary. While the tattoos look like real tattooing. Temporary Tattoo designs to try before choosing a real nice tattoo, for fun, for a campaign or for fancy dress party.

While tattoos have become very popular in a short time as an affordable, less pain & above all they can be removed at any time & that part of your body is ready to return sizzling hot new Tattoo!

While conventional tattoos, first made popular as inserts in bubble gums usual, the poor quality of the transfer, often resulted in vague and design can be easily washed or rubbed body.Modern of temporary transfer tattoos body made quality & non-toxic ink and glue, and the last much longer than conventional temporary tattoos. In this process, body tattoo applied to the skin surface and remains until such time as the image fades themselves (usually after 3-5 days) or use alcohol or deleted like most remover.While temporary body tattoos made a commercial for the campaign, or ad as new items (giveaways), the setup process has been tailored to the art of lithography as well.

Temporary transfer tattoos body usually consists of five main elements: the front of the sheet of paper, the back of the sheet of paper, inks, glue and protective plastic sheet on the tattoo. The front of the sheet is covered with a special layer on the tattoo pictures printed with a special non-toxic inks. A layer of special non-toxic glue and then applied on top of the image. A thin, transparent plastic sheet placed on the front sheet to protect the image and glue layer. The back of the sheet and is usually submitted without a list of materials and / or instructions for use printed on the backside.Water Transfer (temporary) tattoos are usually applied by removing the plastic sheet, placing the image face down against the skin and wetting the backing by putting water (directly or indirectly ) with careful.Backing which can then be removed carefully, leaving the image in place. Do you want to have a tattoo?

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