Friday, February 20, 2009

3D Spider Tattoos

The first tattoo that I hope to get is a large, 3D spider tattoo, complete with realistic shading and shadowing. I actually found a sample of the exact 3D spider tattoo that I want by a very talented tattoo artist not far from where I live. Unfortunately, the detailing is very intricate and the cost of getting this work of art and the time it would take to make it a reality, have not been incentives to my reluctance to commit.

Yes, my parents would have a fit, when they found out. However, I'm used to their reactions and I know that my mother would start hankering for a little artwork of her own as soon as the initial shock wore off.

So, if I will not change my mind, I will have my 3D spider tattoo before the summer. BTW, my youngest sister has two tattoos too and she really like them.

Mike D. Vancouver, British Columbia.

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