Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flower Tattoos

The art of tattooing has been around for many centuries. People belonging to diverse cultures all over the world have been decorating their bodies with this ancient symbolical art form. The people of countries like Japan, islands of the South of Pacific like Tahiti, Native Americans, etc. have been practicing this age old body art form for hundreds of years. The history of symbolical tattoos is deep rooted and very rich.

Earlier, tattoos were made by piercing the skin with sharp instruments dipped in permanent ink. Those tattoos were religious, tribal or flower tattoos. In recent times, there has been a lot of advancement in tattoo technology. High technology needles and machines are used to produce beautiful body art.
There are many kinds of tattoo designs and symbols. One usually gets a design that has personal value, some symbolical meaning or is a beautiful looking pattern. The most common tattoos are nature tattoos; among them, flower tattoos are very popular. Such nature and flower tattoos have even been documented in early history of man. In the earlier times, man used to worship nature and many of their gods and goddesses were representations of nature symbols. This reason has faded in importance with time. All the same, flower tattoos remind us that we are an intricate and beautiful part of nature.

Flower tattoos are seen more in women than in men. Delicate and intricate flower tattoo designs enhance the beauty of a woman's body. Women usually get them on their feet, arms, small of the back and shoulders. Flower tattoos can be very detailed with all the petals, leafs and tendrils carefully crafted on the body. Or they can be very simple with just the flower. Tattoos are the most personalized and permanent form of body art.

The most popularly tattooed flowers and flower tattoo meanings are:-
  • The Rose symbolizes passion, romance, love, youth and beauty.
  • The Daisy represents innocence and beauty.
  • The Sunflower is symbolical of the sun, splendor and glamor.
  • The Lotus universally represents emptiness, yearning and estranged love.
  • The Hibiscus is accepted as a symbol of delicate beauty the world over.
  • The Lily symbolizes purity of heart, virginal modesty, sweetness and beauty.
Flower tattoos will always be one of the most popular and natural representations of femininity, love and beauty.

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