Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rosary bead tattoo

A rosary is a timeless symbol of Catholicism consisting of a set of prayer beads arranged in a way that one can contemplate different episodes in the life of Christ in the form of prayer and devotion. It is a very significant symbol to express one’s faith among Catholics that rosary tattoos are very popular religious tattoo designs that we see nowadays.

Rosary bead tattoos are popularly inked in such a way that its wrapped around the ankle with the cross part of the rosary resting on top of the foot. Nicole Richie, a famous celebrity is sporting a rosary tattoo that she likes to flaunt it a lot by wearing shoes that displays it prominently. Designs of rosary tattoos have different variations as well, some go for the rosary beads alone while others combine the rosary with praying hands, cross, flowers or image of the Virgin Mary. Aside from an expression of faith, some tattoo enthusiasts go for rosary tattoos in memory of a loved one who passed away.

Tattoo with banner by Sacred Heart Tattoo

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