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The Irish Tattoo Designs Have Meaning and History

rish history and the Celtic tradition is rich with images. These symbols, such as the Celtic cross and the Celtic knot, were and are used throughout the Irish world to represent their traditions

Celtic Rose Tattoo Design

This Celtic styled rose design will work well as a lower back tattoo. Just add the colors of your choice.

Celtic and Irish people have taken pride in their heritage by adorning their belongings with these designs. The Irish tattoo has been derived from these original works of art. Metal art, jewelry, Celtic paintings and even weaponry contained crests and seals, symbols and signs steeped in Celtic society. The Irish tattoo represents the simple yet aesthetic qualities of Celtic design work, and brings to the modern world the heart-felt beliefs and ideals of an ancient people.

Pride and Desire

While there is no real evidence that Irish people ever engaged in the art of tattooing, for modern individuals looking to bring Celtic tradition to life in the form of an Irish tattoo, there is enough history of Celtic artists and symbolism from which to gather ideas.

The Book of Kells, for instance, is a historical book containing the beliefs of Celtic spiritualism and religion; in it are pages upon pages of designs and symbols used in everything from funeral and burial rituals to hand-fasting ceremonies.

In fact, many Celtic designs were used to mark graves or mass burial sites, and to say something about the individual buried within; consequently, understanding the true history of these designs will help individuals decide which one is perfect for his or her Irish tattoo.

One of the most popular Celtic designs, the Celtic knot, is a popular Irish tattoo. The Celtic knot itself signifies spiritual eternity and immortality, the circle of life; every beginning from every end. The knot is infinite, as is life. Celtic knots can be used in any Irish tattoo; they can be used as lettering or as parts of larger images, or even as stand-alone art.

They are also popular components of tribal tattoos. Celtic knots can also be used as the basis of many zoomorphic Irish tattoo artwork. Animals can also be used to form infinite patterns; heads joining tails, limbs circling around and tying together. The knot itself is only a concept; its presentation is what makes each Irish tattoo unique.

Wearers are always proud of their tattoos and want to display them for the world, and artists must constantly compile portfolios to win customers and employment. With a little research, individuals can find the perfect Irish tattoo idea.

Learn all you can about Irish tattoo art. It will help to build a deeper meaning, and a deeper connection, to an Irish tattoo, and help bridge a connection between the personal and the universal.

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