Saturday, February 21, 2009

Laser Tattoos Removal

Many people regret having a tattoo and no longer want to live with it. Laser treatment at Court House Clinics provides a safe and effecitve way deal with this problem. Our aestheticians use a specialist laser that emits an intense beam of light which is directed into the tattoo. The light breaks up ink particles that form the tattoo, reducing them to minute fragments which are naturally absorbed through the body's own cleansing mechanism. During a course of treatments the tattoo becomes progressively lighter until it has faded or is completely removed. Tattoos generally requre 8-10 treatments. The treatment can be uncomfortable but a local anaesthetic cream can be applied to sensitive areas.Our technology can remove most tattoos but as they can vary in size, density and colour some respond better to treatment than others. A consultation with one of our specialists will determine your suitability for treatment and realistically determine the expected results.

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